Mobile Forms - Eg. Hotel Booking, Order Form, Rating & Feedback Form

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Hey guys,

I've just found an online form builder that create mobile forms. Best part is, its free!

Here's the link (no aff): Lanbito: Mobile Form Builder

Currently they only provide link to the form you created and you can't embed or download the form.

I've created a few samples which you might want to scan and view on your mobile.

I'm using iPhone 3gs, so I'm interested to know how it looks on your mobile especially other brand of smartphones.

Hotel Room Booking

Order Form for Mobile Site

Rating & Feedback Form

I hope you find this post useful.
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    Fyi, after form submission, the user will either be directed to the url of your choice or, just a plain text.
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      Hi Sunburn

      Is it possible for you to post the links (old fashioned html ones) so we could have a look at the forms you've made please ? My Blackberry QRcode reader has ceased to work since the last update!

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        Sure thing, here's the link:

        Hotel Room Booking:

        Order Form for Mobile Site:

        Rating and Feedback Form:

        Tell me how it looks on your Blackberry.
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          Hi Sunburn

          Thanks for that.

          I went to all three on a BlackBerry. No problems with the first two, however compared to using my pc on the third, it was a bit confusing on the bb. To be honest, if I hadn't seen it first on the pc, I wouldn't be sure how many stars I was awarding. The stars are covered with a radio button, which almost covers the star outline. Clicking on it turned the round radio button to white. Clicking on the second did the same, but made the first revert to black. Same when I gave them three stars, first two back to black, only the third was white and appeared different to the rest.
          Not impossible to use, but just wondered if you had a choice of a different symbol that might make it easier to visualise.

          Hope that is helpful,

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    cool thanks for the share. I have a iphone 3g and they looked great.
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    I have a Android . Looks fine.

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    I like it! Looks good on desktop and on mobile.

    Obviously, having them host the files is not optimal, but it sure is one quick way to build a form. The best would be to be able to put in on our own sites, or those of our clients.

    I sure hope they don't have access to our data! The data is in our Google Accounts so I guess not but man it's hard to know unless you're a techie.

    Thanks for the share. How did you find out about this?
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    Actually I stumble upon it.

    I was playing around with Jotform, another (free) form builder. Not entirely happy with the outcome I start searching for other alternatives and came across Lanbito.

    That being said, Jotform is a great form builder, but not for mobile site though.
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    I was about to create some Google Docs to do my forms, or the Contact 7 plugin. Obviously it would have remained in-house that way, but with Lanbito, it looks good whether on desktop screens or on mobile, so that's why I'm using it.
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      All look good on my iPhone 4S, good luck!
      FREE "21 Step Report To Position Yourself As An Expert to Offline Clients"
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    Thanks for the information. All three forms looked great on my iPhone4, and theQR scanned fine.

    Thanks MK
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      Thanks for info, worked fine on my Nexus
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