More than building a mobile website?

by OmarK
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I've noticed that there's a lot more to mobile marketing than just building a simple mobile website. I've read that people during appointments always give some 'free information' about things like google places, QR codes, google analytics (I saw you can switch on google analytics in Will's script, but I don't really know how this works or how I could go about doing it than just 'switching it on') etc etc.

I have an appointment tomorrow and I think I have a good gist of all the things I'm going to be talking about, but just in case, I'd like to hear from you guys what there what 'free information' you give out and what else you do.
Like QR codes, I vaguely know what they are and what they do but I'm not sure how I can implement this to improve my client's business. Also google places and google analytics. How can I work those? I guess I can find out on my own very easily but my appointment's tomorrow and I really need to get cracking down on a sample website.

Would really appreciate some replies as soon as possible. Thanks!
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    u should search the term qr code in here and learn all about them before meeting w/clients. you want to appear as informed as possible because they will have questions.
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    A QR code is like a barcode. Just search Google images for 'QR code' and you will find a ton of examples there. You can store information in these barcodes such as urls, contact information, phone numbers, etc, etc. A user has an application on their phone that reads these bar codes. When a person scans that QR code they can be taken to a website, dial a phone number, create an sms message, open their email browser and so on.

    These QR codes can be created free of charge using a tool like this one:
    QR Code Generator

    You can offer this as a value add to a client you are selling other mobile services to. Show them how a user can scan the QR code and then be taken to a page on their mobile website where you might have a special offer or a coupon code. The customer enters their email address or phone number to get that coupon and the business now starts to build a list of customers they can market to. This is just one example. You could also have the QR code take people straight to their Google Places page or Facebook page where people could leave a review for that business.

    The opportunities are endless - it all depends on what type of business you are targeting.
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