Some FREE software that might be useful to some when modifying images

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Give-away-of-the-day is giving a way today only (10/19) iResizer 1.1

*It's not something most people will use every day or on every image, but the capability is something you want in your toolkit... For web design it can help when/if you're creating a mobile version of your site(s), making images better fit the smaller screens of cell phones.

Below are some links and NONE are affiliate links, just wanted to share something that might be useful to someone when needing to manipulate images -


Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Today: iResizer 1.1 - iResizer scales an image without changing important visual content such as people, buildings, animals, etc. While normal resizing affects all ...


iResizer - homepage to see an example of what the software does.
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