Anyone know of a Blackberry simulator that doesn't...

by Dexx
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Anyone know of a Blackberry simulator that doesn't require software to be downloaded in order to simulate the website browsing experience?

Plenty of iPhone/Android simulators but I'm only finding download-required Blackberry software (and I want to be able to show clients on the go)

I'm curious how many of the mobile website templates being sold on the warrior forum look good on Blackberries (despite it being a shrinking market--a lot of business owners still use them)

Maybe one doesnt exist?

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    I've never used one because luckily I own a Blackberry so I can test things right on that. You will probably find a lot of Blackberries use the Opera mini browser and there is an online opera simulator however it isn't that great because it is really small and doesn't reflect what I see on my Blackberry when using Opera mini.
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    How old is your Blackberry Will? How do most of the mobile websites look on it (compared to iPhone/Android) from what you can tell?

    Does everything fit on the screen well? etc.
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    It's a Blackberry Bold 9700 so it's not that old - maybe a year and a half. It really depends which mobile website you are looking at. Some look good, some look bad. It has more to do with the way in which the mobile site was created rather than the phone itself. A good mobile website will work and look good on all those popular devices.

    I like having this phone because I also have an iPhone and Android device to test on. Having the 'older' Blackberry is good because I know if the site can look good on that device then all the later smartphone models will look even better.

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    the absolute best way to accurately test a mobile website is to use a real handset... we have armed ourselves with our own test bed of devices now

    but prior to this for the devices we didnt have access too i had used they offer a free 1hour trial of testing on real devices - you should certainly take a look it helped us tremendously prior to setting up our own test bed


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    Awesome tip Jay, thanks!
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