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The Mini Mobile Marketing Guide
By: Dwayne Morrison a.k.a The Young EntrepreWarrior

Mobile marketing is becoming something that a lot of online marketers are starting to pick up. They're starting to realize that by using mobile services to expand their reach, they can not only can increase their brand awareness, but at the same time increase their revenue base. I wrote this guide this guide to express the various uses of mobile marketing towards online and offline businesses as a whole. Feel free to utilize the message in this material to your advantage in your own business.

The Application of Mobile Marketing Towards Offline Businesses
Here's a scenario to consider: Bobs Restaurant makes great pizza but Bob doesnt have a lot of clients buying from him. He needs to profit from his work and as such, he attempts to use conventional methods of marketing - flyers, posters and whatnot. The truth is although those forms of marketing still work, they're not as efficient as they used to be. We live a day and age where different types of marketing and advertising methods need to be applied in order to have an productive business with major cashflow.

This scenario can be applied most offline businesses. If you have a restaurant, a barber salon etc, you not only will be able to recycle the clients that you already have with the use of mobile marketing, but you can also increase your user base since your place of business will have a sophisticated advantage over the other guy. Of course, you shouldnt use mobile marketing alone, instead mix it up with Facebook marketing and local advertising via targeted PPC campaigns. Imagine sending a text whenever you want a boost in revenue? That's what mobile marketing provides...

The Application of Mobile Marketing Towards Online Businesses
Have an online business and focus on collecting emails to increase your profits? There's nothing wrong with that, that's called internet marketing...If you know what internet marketing is, then you'll understand how to transfer over to the realm of mobile marketing. By combining email and mobile marketing together to reach your audience you can have. Again, by using SMS services like Trumpia, you can collect mobile leads and then send them an update on a new project you've completed online.

For example, let's say you have an ecommerce store and you acquire a few purchases here and there - with the efficient use of mobile marketing, you can update clients that are on your list about discounts on your online products. Check out for instance. They made over $60,000 in revenue in one day just by blasting an SMS text message to everyone on their list basically telling them to go to their site for new discounts. And guess what else, their list wasnt even that huge, which means they made a lot more than they spent!

There are several other uses of mobile marketing in the online world Experimenting is the best way to find a method that works for you.

Mobile Marketing and Mobile Apps

iPhone and Android Apps are all the rage. Have you ever played a game on your iPhone and thought it was real good but realized hardly anyone else is playing it? This may be the result of poor marketing. You can have the best mobile app in the world, but if nobody knows about it, how are you going to get the word out if you don't market what you have to offer?

Using mobile advertising services like AdMob, BuzzCity and InMobi can allow those with mobile apps and other services to promote their brand to a broad range of individuals. Of course, targeting is a factor as well, but you just can't have a good service and just not market it to the public... that's like having a Bugatti and sitting in it, but never turning it on and never driving it around! MADNESS!

*Mobile marketing is still in its infancy stage, but companies using these services now are definitely reaping the benefits of obtaining cheap traffic and conversions to their products and services whether it be offline or online. The potential in this field is truly endless, and as we dive deeper into an already mobile based era, new companies will emerge based around this theme.
Hope this guide helped you out Warriors. If I left anything out, feel free to share and talk about your opinions of Mobile Marketing in the replies section below...

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-Dwayne Morrison
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