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So good news is I got a call from one of my CL ads that I posted regarding mobile websites.

This guy has a sound proofing business and wants to make his site more mobile friendly, he even said he was noticing more and more mobile visitors on his goolge analytics.

The thing is he has a vast video library on his site and he wants to incorporate that into the mobile site. These videos are hosted on his server and he does not want to host them on YT or vimeo.

I told him to keep the file size small we would need to think about how many videos he wants and where to host them

What is the best way to create a mobile friendly video gallery?

I know html 5 does some cool things with media but I am not that well versed.

This has the possibility to be a big project as he will need 1 full mobile site and 3 other mobile landing pages with separate domains, plus his old <table> based html site needs an overhaul as well, so as you can see I don't want to drop the ball on this guy.

I told him I would have a propsal to him by Monday morning but woudl like to get the tech details figured before then.

Thanks in advance.
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