Offering an incentive for opt-ins vs. no incentive

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I noticed quite frequently we're discussing ways to "get" people to opt-in either to our own lists, or to our clients lists... but has anyone ever tracked the results from the 2 different methods?

I guess I've always felt like incentivizing people to get on a list (whether it's email or sms) is a way to build purely for quantity and not quality. And ideally we're going after quality. But at the same time, if you focus on quantity is there a point when if that number is high enough that it would generally equal around the same number in sales if the offer were sent to a smaller, but quality list?

So figured I'd ask others who would know better than me. Oh and btw, this really is in regards to sms, but I suppose any results shared from email is still better than no results to go off of

This crossed my mind after I started trying to come up with some ideas for direct sales & MLM reps to use sms for their business. The question popped in my head as to whether I should suggest them to incentivize their opt-ins..... but then 5 seconds later I was reminded that if they don't incentivize their list, at the end of their free trial I'll end up with the classic "I didn't have anybody opt-in". Grrrr, I hate being stuck in that spot I wish we didn't have to offer an incentive for people to opt-in, but with the way things are I don't think much would happen in the way of opt-ins.

By the same token, I try to remind myself that coupons from restaurants are the same concept...... I'm not so sure why I feel so "dirty" when incentivizing for my own personal gain.
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    A list of buyers is what you want - they are worth far more to any business than a random list of people who have opted in. You need to concentrate your efforts on getting their current customers, people who have actually spent money, to optin to their list. It is much easier to entice a previous customer to come back than it is to get new ones through the door. That's not to say you shouldn't be advertising for new customers but in terms of a high ROI SMS campaign, a buyers list is what you want. You need an offer that entices anyone who has purchased from that business to join their VIP list. A lot of businesses totally overlook this and focus all their efforts and marketing budget on getting new customers. The big money is in repeat business.
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      You need to concentrate your efforts on getting their current customers, people who have actually spent money, to optin to their list.
      I completely agree. I probably should've mentioned in my first post that my best idea that I came up with, was telling the rep to offer a discount at the point of sale.

      But you just reminded me that there's still a difference between incentivized potential customers & incentivized current customers who have already bought something from you.

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