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Lots of people have been asking for a way to do mobile coupons and this is a great solution for you which I picked up from another site.

Use a program called photoswipe PhotoSwipe

This will allow you to arrange all your coupons in graphics and list them.

See an example

Iphone mobile simulator emulator

This is what the site looks like full size.


And off course try it on your phone

I think you can also link the images to a web url

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    I was checking out PhotoSwipe the other day because it looks pretty neat however I just tested your sample above and once again, no good on my standard Blackberry browser. You can see the grid of thumbnail images but clicking on them does nothing at all.

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    Looks really nice, i will throw that in my bag of tricks
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    Yep, same here. I like how the program works and I just tried it on my Ipod Touch, but there's no way to click/tap the thumbnail images once on the page. It doesn't do anything. It'd be nice if it did....zoom in on the particular coupon image or bring it up on the screen.
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    I was looking for something like this, I downloaded the zip file. But now I have no clue as to what to do with the file?
    Thanks Dale
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