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Just about everyone in Mobile Marketing is aware of the MMA...The Mobile Marketing Association.

They serve a purpose....there is no arguing that point.

What I do have a problem with is the $7500 Membership Fee per Company for a start Up....and upwards of $25000 per year for a C Corp.

It's Absurd!

I am considering putting together an Organization to help Identify Ethical Mobile Marketing Professionals that would have a Logo Badge that would be symbolic of members commitment to Ethical Mobile Marketing Practices.

To make it bipartisan, there would be an informal board of experienced Mobile Marketing Professionals.

Membership would be Free, at least to start with.

I would like to hear feedback from other Mobile Marketing Professionals as to whether they feel there might be a need for a more "Cost Effective" Alternative to the MMA and if you, as a Mobile Marketer, would join such an organization.
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