Mobile Websites Best Practices.

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We recently had an Internet Marketing MeetUp in San Diego. We had a great Speaker from Conversion Voodoo speak about some simple TO DOs for your mobile sites. I thought I would share these here to help you all with your mobile endeavors.

1) Large Bold call to action Headline.
since the site is small and limited its important to have a strong Call to Action be the first thing they read. As we know our prospects need to be told what they want and what to do.
2) Large Image of the Benefit of what your Providing.
showing the benefit will get the prospect into the right mindset.
ie: Auto Insurance leads - Smiling lady driving care free with the window down.
3) 2 columns of text instead of 1
after some testing they saw that adding two columns of text worked best. My theory is that you can add more content to the page without having the prospect scroll down.
4) Keep your Action Point above the fold.
after the content in two columns have a Bold Action point (button) that will get them onto the Form, Application, Download, ect.

a couple other points made was to make sure you build the site as light weight as possible. Every millisecond counts on loadtime when it comes to mobile sites. Also turn off the ZOOM function on the page. My theory to turning off the ZOOM function is that they wont be able to manipulate the site and ruin the FLOW of this sales funnel you just worked hard on creating.

I hope this helps you all make more money in the mobile space.

I am here to help you build your business.
Feel free to contact me.
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    I think one of the most important things to do in mobile is to repeat your call to action. (That tip also goes for most websites.)

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