Need to FTP template to hosted website for practicing... HELP

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I just purchased a new domain which I want to eventually use for my personal marketing site. I need to use this site to upload via FTP the template from Will so I can start building mobile websites.

I have read somewhere that you should not upload your site until it is completely done so the web crawlers don't find it and penalize the site in page rankings... I don't want to hurt the domain name if that will in fact be detrimental... is this true.

A salesman from GoDaddy where I purchased the name and hosting from last night said that maybe I should put some code on there called robot.txt to keep the engines from crawling the site. Can anyone help me here and let me know if this will hurt my site if I launch it without having the site built. I was hoping that I could just put a folder on there to build mobile pages in while I am learning how to do.

If I do in fact need the robot.txt code on there could anyone tell me what that is?

Thanks Folks in Advance, Everyone in this forum is really awesome!
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