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Hi folks. I'm wondering if there is a way to view my sites as if I was viewing from a mobile device.

I know I should be setting up mobile sites, but that is not a high priority at the moment. But, I would like to see what a mobile user will see with my normal site.
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    You can try Mobilizer. You can preview mobile websites on mac or pc.
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    You can try offermobi free tools. Go here offermobi(dot)com/tools
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      I use the free Firefox Addon "User Agent Switcher". I works perfectly!
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    In Safari, go to Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar

    Then from the Develop tab at the top, you can pick "iphone" as the user agent. This will cause sites that are optimized for mobile content to render to you as if you are on an actual iphone.

    However, if your site doesn't change automatically for mobile browsers, then you'll see the same site regardless of the user agent.

    One nice benefit of using safari over firefox is that it supports webkit, which is what all mobile browsers support. I use firefox as my primary browser but use safari for mobile testing.

    In other words, if you are viewing a mobile site in firefox, it might not look exactly like it will look on an iphone, whereas in safari it pretty much will look the same as it does in your iphone safari.

    but you should always try it out on the actual device though...the iphone retina display condenses the page so it can have a different overall look than on the desktop.
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    There are a lot of emulators and simulators and browser tricks however in the end it is better to have a smartphone and see it on a real device as it will look different.

    Pick up a second hand one if money is a problem.

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