Careful what SMS reseller/whitelabel you use

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Even though I am a new poster I have a few things to say...

There are lots of companies competing for your business. Please do your research when choosing your platform and make sure it fits your needs and budget. There are many companies and individuals claiming to be able to provide services they cannot.

For instance: I called a number on someone's signature line and was redirected to someone's personal cell phone who had NO idea what was going on. The WF's number I called has posted many pieces of information I have found credible, but sometimes it makes you wonder. Maybe they are just not quite where they want to be and have knowledge and expertise, but lack the support system and logistics to back it up. Who knows...

Anyway, I have done lots of research on platforms over the last several months. Do not rush into anything. I have also seen people asking for money for their reviews on platforms. Use your own judgement and do your own due diligence. While there might be quick money schemes, there are no quick answers to long term growth and solutions.

The WF is full of great information. Just make sure you understand what you are getting into and do not be afraid to ask for clarification or help.
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    Very well said. But beware! I will add that one thing to be careful of is whether your provider has true cell to cell or peer to peer protocol (SMPP) or are they using email service protocol, which is sending a text through and email (SMTP) and which can be blocked by ISPs and you'll never know your message isn't delivered! I emailed and asked many companies directly which they used and many did not even respond. HMMMMMM.... A big clue is that is they are using a Long Code vs a Short Code they are using SMTP. Is is worth saving money now to lose customers later -- are you in this for the long term?
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      Well put. I would add that not just because they use a shortcode are they a true SMPP provider. There are companies out there that use shortcode to collect the incoming but use long codes or smtp to send the message out. SMTP and longcodes are great so long as they are working for you because they are much less expensive in most cases. Any way that you can go just make sure it works for what you are doing first.
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    Very good post. I personally use a service that does send thru SMTP and have never had an issue with delivery or the time they are delivered. I have also read about if things change you lose everything etc which I don't see how because I have access to all the numbers in every list I have. I know others have said about carriers shutting it down etc but I don't see it happening nor have seen it done anywhere.
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