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Basically, I see some great individual posts with ideas to use for certain businesses so I thought a "Super Thread" for each business type would be a great idea where everyone posts their own ideas.

That way, if someone lands a client they can quickly refer back to the thread that covers that business area and see a whole load of great ideas that they can implement.

I'll kick start it with a few ideas, some of which I have picked up from the forum.

- Place QR codes next to items on the menu. When the QR code is scanned the customer is presented with a video showing how the dish is made (behind the scenes). Ideal opportunity for upsells - "This dish goes great with our house wine" etc

- Make sure every customer fills in a review card at the end of their meal for a chance to win a free meal. Guaranteed way of getting customer's mobile number.

- Create themed evenings (romantic candle lit dinner etc) and send text out to list stating there are limited places

- Create a loyalty club whereby members get exclusive offers and discounts sent straight to their mobile phone.

Feel free to add your own!!
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    There are already quite a few threads on marketing to restaurants. Why not use the search function provided ?
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    The whole point was so there would just be one thread that people can post their ideas instead of posting a new one everytime. It would also prevent questions such as "I've got a restuarant client, have you got any ideas".

    I just thought that having one thread containing lots of ideas would make it easier and less time consuming for people in the future. Clearly not everyone thought it was a good idea (and I have had a severe lack of sleep!), which is fine because it will just disappear into the realms of the warrior forum due to no reponses.

    So thank you for using such an incredibly insightful post to bump it back to the top again.

    "You become what you think about most of the time" - Think BIG!!

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    Just went through your post, with all this said...will there be a time when the Mobile takes over the (conventional) Internet? Though this will be a little controversial, I guess it is worth discussing to make ourselves clear!
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