Isnt It Risky To Offer SMS Services ??

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for example , is there a way for the business you are working with
to furnish you with a previous list of SMS clients or supposedly new ones
and they were not opt in clients, wouldn't the risk fall on you who is managing the SMS campaign. Talking about risk of being fined for not using opt in users.
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    Just like with email, only send to subscribers who opted in to your campaigns, and be sure to have a STOP message at the end of each one so they can reply and get off the list.
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      so basically you must have full control , you cant accept a list from a previous campaign that was compiled by someone else.
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    Yes, your client's conduct exposes you to risk. The way I minimize some of it is by not allowing any manual entries of mobile phone numbers to the database.
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      that's what I thought, maybe its better to just let them sign up and manage their own accounts, ?? I would make commission on the sign up ?? is that viable ?
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    If they do provide some provider services now offer double opt-in just like email
    so should be covered also that way.
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      Originally Posted by herbaluss View Post

      If they do provide some provider services now offer double opt-in just like email
      so should be covered also that way.
      That is the way. They can furnish you with a list of previous opt ins and you cand\ capture them using a double opt in process..

      Then you can continue to manage their account for them.

      Contact me at

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    Only ever use lists that you have created yourself. If you don't you are opening yourself up for a load of trouble.
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    So for example if I use TXT180 and set up a white label program and sell them SMS services but let them control their own accounts any liability falls on me or is it all on the business owner since they had full control of their own account ???
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    never mind I called TXT180 and asked them about their system and I can easily block businesses from uploading their own SMS list so that only opt in SMS are allowed,
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    I would never load a list.

    Also have people sign up the "professional" way aka text pizza to 12345 to join our VIP club.
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      Like most of the excellent comments here, I WOULD NEVER load any list, email or cell numbers as you are really opening up yourself to a lot of issues down the line.

      It is not hard for your client to simply text (or email) the current list with the new short code (or long code) and appropriate keywords, etc., thus giving the list the option to continue to receive text alerts and messages.
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        The Mobile Marketing Association best practices does allow for a subscriber list switching short codes. It is quite common and I do about 1 or 2 of these a month.

        There are a couple rules.

        1) The content must remain the same. If you are a restaurant, you can only continue to send restaurant related offers to the list. You can't start sending oil change offers after the switch.

        2) The business must be the same after switching short codes. You can't sell your list to another business.

        We ask everyone before switching to send a text blast alerting their list that they are switching short code numbers and remind the list how to opt-out.

        We also verify that the list was properly collected and using an actual SMS opt-in process before accepting the transfer.

        Thanks, Shane
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    To use sms services as a marketing tool, which means to offer voucher code for them.

    For instance, McDonald sends a random SMS about an offer for voucher or discounts. All we need to do is to flash the sms to the cashier guy to redeem, isn't that right?
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    Well if it is good enough for McDonalds it good enough for me. Thank you.
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