SMS companies in Canada?

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Hey Guys,

I am having a horrible time getting in touch with support or any help setting up SMS campaign for a client in Toronto. It is a restaurant that I am trying to help out. I have contacted Trumpia and it has been nothing but useless. Called them 5 times, sent support email but they keep dodging me.

I signed up for their account but the free account did not work with my carrier (Rogers, which is one of the main ones).

Does anyone know of a reliable company I can use for SMS marketing in Canada?
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    Sounds like my luck, I'm looking for the same thing. It's hard to find a good carrier here in Canada.
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    Twilio Cloud Communications – APIs for Voice, VoIP and Text Messaging it's fantastic 1cent per sms however twillio provide you with the platform only you have to make or buy your own script for that, there is few wso around that do what you looking for, search the forum for twilio
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      Check out Lime Cellular. They are with most, if not all, carriers in Canada.

      Contact me at

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    SignalHQ also works with Canada. Test out their free subscription, you'll be impressed. Best pricing and fast customer support.
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    I've had a lot of luck with Lime Cellular. Highly recommended.
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      I'd be glad to discuss a solution with you.

      contact me:

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        I am a little north of Toronto and I am very happy with Avid mobile.
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    Hi, I've been looking into providers n Canada for a while now. I'm leaning strongly
    Towards Lime cellular. ( just to be straight , I have not used them yet)

    I just heard of SignalHQ and their product looks amazing it only
    For the USA. Their pricing also looks phenomenal in the USA but
    Not for Canada ( they charge .06/text in Canada). In the USA it's unlimited
    Text pricing model.

    1 more comment... Do your own due diligence even though the product
    At SignalHQ Looks amazing I was not overly impressed with their customer

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    The only way of confirming 100% that a user is on a certain Carrier in Canada is if they can send an SMS Text Message into a Short Code that is only accessible from their carrier. In Canada each carrier has its own short codes, which can only be accessed by users on that particular carrier. For example, users on the Rogers network cannot send a Text Message into a Bell short code.
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