SMS Service with an Autoresponder - know of any?

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Anyone know of any good SMS services (besides Lime Cellular which looks great but am trying to look into others as well) that have a true autoresponder followup feature that would allow for drip messaging over time to every person who joins the list.

This feature is of course standard at all of the email marketing services but I am finding that most of the SMS marketing services only allow for a broadcast blast feature. Thx
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    Thx..In my research I have found that also offers this, although with a 5-message limit for followups.
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      Avid Mobile has a great Auto responder feature
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    i'm wondering this as well
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    We just unveiled our membership program at YadaText.

    YadaText is the affordable solution to small business owners who would not otherwise opt for text solutions requiring a per text charge. See Signature for info.
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      Dave Iago's Wrecking ball SMS program is awesome!
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    Here is something to ponder. If there were 2 options on a website for people to subscribe to your newsletter, service or mailing list, which do you think more people would choose?

    A) A opt in form like AWeber

    B) A phone number to text a key word to subscribe.

    With most SMS services, you are relying on new customers texting a keyword. I personally prefer giving them the option to opt in with a web form or have a sign up card for them when they visit my place of business. I simply would inform them that we have a coupon program by text messaging and hand them a card where they can put their name cell # and provider and drop it in a box near the check out. I also have the web address listed on the back if they take it with them where they can opt in online.
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    this is probably a pretty stupid question, but is there any free sms service?
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    Lime does as well but have not personally tested it.

    If you are looking to get into SMS talk to all the white lable resellers and compare all. Each will have advantages and disadvantages.
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    SignalHQ is doing a pretty good job of this for some of our SMS lists, but the only thing I don't care for with its AutoResponder is that you have to specify how many days out from the user joining the list for each message. Most of them like AWeber allow you to specify X days after the last message. Other than that, it works really well and you can easily segment the lists and solicit additional details via SMS to gather additional subscriber attributes.
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