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Hey, fellow Warriors of lands far and wide,

I saw an offer here that had an extra bonus offer that was a pre built desktop site that was for Mobile. It had all the content and videos that you would need for describing and capturing business owners interested in Mobile Marketing.

It was a rebrandable pre built "desktop" site for Mobile. It explained everything with videos and all the numbers needed to show a customer what mobile is all about.

Yes,, I've been scouring the forum trying to find the offer I saw.

Has anybody seen this? Or anything like this? I'm looking to get a pre built site as I don't want to spend too much time on building a site, for desktop users. I'd rather spend the time (and money) getting Mobile clients. I just want to have a "location" that buyers can see, if need be, to give more info and look a little more legitimate.

If so,, let me know.


Roberto The X-man
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    Try this site: Products
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    I wish I could remember this WSO I seen a while back. Would have been perfect for what you are looking for.

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    Thanks all for your efforts,, but,,,, no. This offer for a Mobile service had a "bonus" offer that was a "desktop" site. All set up with bells and whistles. And brandable. It may have been sent to me in an email,, so emailers,, send me more emails. But I know it was from a WSO. It was some sort of Mobile service,, an app,, or a contact course,, etc. But the bonus was a desktop site.

    Robert X


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