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by lirikh
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I was thinking of doing business with restaurants, and offering them SMS marketing services. One thing that blocked me was the issue of one-time usable SMS coupons.

The thing is most people do not have Internet on their phone, so I do not want to concentrate on mobile coupons that are opened through the browser.

I am with LIME and they have a coupon text redeeming system where the customer receives a text with the promotion code. However, what would stop the customer from going back to the store and showing the same text to get the same special again?

Looking for any input. Thanks.
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    Usually you'll make the coupon active for 24 hrs so the system won't get abused like that too much.
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      Originally Posted by biz2mob View Post

      Usually you'll make the coupon active for 24 hrs so the system won't get abused like that too much.
      So I should change the promotion code of the coupon every day? Note, the coupon is there as a freebie to make people opt-in.

      If I change the promotion code every day, it would be alot of work on my part, and I will always have to alert the restaurants of the new promotion codes.

      What if the customer receives the coupon, but wants to redeem it the next day? By making the coupon active only for 24 hrs, some people might get pissed.
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    24 hours isn't long enough for obvious reasons. Set the expiration
    date farther out and put the exp date right on the coupon so it's clear
    to the customer as well as the merchant.

    The length of time is up to the merchant. I always recommend 60-90 days.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      When you build your Lime coupon, there is an option for redemption by SMS. That option is on page two of your coupon build. It is up to your customers staff to make sure that their customer sends the redemption code by SMS. This keeps the coupon from being used again. So, there is no need to keep updating the expiration date.

      The Lime coupon itself has a expiration date on it.

      I change my clients opt in coupons once a month and put a 30 day expiration on it. So, day 1 opt ins get a coupon good for 30 days and day 30 optins have one good for one day.. If you make it too long, there is no sense of urgency to redeem it.

      You can contact me if this does not make sense too you. I may have worded it badly.

      Contact me at

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        Another thing to consider is exactly what your customer wants.

        There is actually no difference to your customers bottom line between 5 customers redeeming a coupon and one person redeeming it 5 times. So, talk with your customer and find out what their expectations are.

        The biggest problem I see with not limiting it is the people they bring with them. That collateral income can not be tracked by you, but your customer might be able to.

        Contact me at

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    You could link the sms campaign with foursquare, they offer a variety of loyalty schemes - for free.
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    Different providers beyond Lime may have a solution for this issue, I'd recommend that you sign up for trials with them to see their platforms.

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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