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How hard is it to sell one mobile website a week? I bought mobile website wso's but still find it hard to sell to local businesses. What should I do? Anyone can tell me how they sell there mobile websites?
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    What kind of feed back are you getting? How and what are your selling? I would suggest (based on what works for me) Be exclusively mobile, offer more then a mobile site, offer other mobile services like QR code campaign management, with handcrafted QR codes, and SMS, maybe have more of a consulting roll, mobile coupons etc... If you go in for a mobile site, most ppl will say they will talk with their web guy, or not understand you. Remember, businesses dont give a dam about a mobile site, they care about what will increase profits, prove to them mobile will do that, and they will be happy.

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    MdJones is right. You have to decide what it is that you are selling, and what you are selling isn't mobile friendly web sites, it's more customers and more profits for your prospects.

    That's why you should be prepared to offer other services such as Facebook Fan pages and QR codes, because they will together make for more business for your prospects.

    Offer one service at a time, of course, but once you get talking to your prospects you can mention other services and they will be impressed with how much of an expert you are and how you can help them.
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    What I find that also helps is to talk to the owner about ROI and an increase in customers. Leave as much of the technical details out as you can. Use a few points to drive home the mobile concept, but keep your focus on what it can do to increase their bottom line as well as customer retention.
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    I do free one hour workshop and invite local businesses so I get a bunch at once.

    QR Codes are a good way to get them in as well.

    Do a good little presentation using all the stats with a coffee/tea/fruit drink at the end works a charm. Form to get their name, email, phone and businessname and a few good questions.

    Keep it short and simple. Should be able to get a few a week with this method.

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    I use screencast-o-matic to shoot a quick video showing them their current site on a phone (with, show them a demo (make a quick demo with Duda Mobile) and email them a video. It works.

    If you'd like a demo video of one I have sent to an actual prospect, PM me and I'll send you a link.
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      I think there is a major confusion in the general sense as to what mobile sites are. However, cutting this short, I have been getting good feedback when I ask people if they would prefer a tiny little screen or if they like pinch and zoom? Really I am just asking them their own opinion about a topic that is actually much larger than most people realize, as this can all go down the road of "database balance loads" and we don't need that happening.

      The more large screen smart/tablets show up on the market the more irrelevant this is. Mobile is actually more on the app side of things, which is really just a link just like anything else. Anyway, I still show them a quick one page screen that pops up and says "CALL NOW or go to full web site" anything else is more of a RIM/BB thing and we all know how that went.
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    I agree with Gatsby - and I should add that what you should be selling is get more traffic and make it convert using mobile sites.

    If you focus on the sales funnel rather than selling the site then this is more in the correct 'headspace' of a business owner.
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