Do ecommerce websites need a mobile ecommerce mobile website?

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I am noticing many websites running e-commerce, such as flower shops etc.. and I wondered if these businesses should be approached at all, if I am not able to provide an e-commerce mobile website?

What are others doing?

Is there a need for them to have an e-commerce mobile site or should they be purchasing a mobile site with the standard click to call, images, about us ect...
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    It is always good to try something new. If creating a mobile website can lead you more clients then there is no harm in doing that. Moreover, creating mobile ecommerce site will help your clients and customers to view your e commerce site using their smart phones. They can even purchase your products online using their cell phones. Use a cart software which is user-friendly and help you clients do shopping online using their mobile phones without any hassle.

    I would suggest you to use cart2mobile for your mobile commerce site. For more information on this cart software you can visit
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    I think these are great targets for mobile websites.
    10%-30% it's mobile traffic from what i experienced so a mobile e-commerce it's a must in the next period.
    The requests for mobile websites it's rising everyday so i'm happy with it ,my service is needed more and more but i wanna learn how to do the e-commerce ones too.

    What do you guys suggest to use for doing e-commerce mobile websites?
    How much does cart2mobile costs?
    What systems are you using? Are they stable, easy to design/implement.

    I'm looking forward for more details about it if anyone here is doing them.

    ARE YOU A CONSULTANT? Do you have clients who could use MORE LEADS?
    Get them a MOBILE WEBSITE PLATFORM built to stay up with their clients habits.
    More than 50% of their customers buys from their mobile devices now!

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        Why they can't? The world is going mobile, everyone wants revenue. They are just promoting their local business over web gaining more customers. And if they are having mobile websites then that is a good move, they are providing smart phone users means to deal with them through mobile phone.

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    Their customers will thank them for having a mobile ecommerce site. However, they are not as easy to set up as you think.

    I have done it, major PITA! The SSL and shopping cart plus a few other factors make it difficult to get them to all work together on mobile.

    Good ex: has an awesome mobile site, fast, easy to navigate, etc. Kept my lady friend busy.

    Takes a lot of work though - so charge accordingly.

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    Hi, Justin

    Eventually every eccomerce store will need a mobile version. More and more people are shopping from their phone. Right now it's at the beginning stages. But i predict within the the next five years all eccomerce stores will be mobile friendly.
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    Mobile sites are technically more complex to set up. Make sure that you set up a systemised way of producing them though, otherwise you might end up not charging enough.
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    What he said above.
    It could be a lot of work, OR, you can do a mobile site that redirects to the main site if they have a lot products for sale. Maybe just offer the top sellers on the mobile site

    Robert X


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    If it is a problem, you could probably just hire an outsourcer at Odesk or Elance or some place else.
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    Even though it may be more work I'd tell you from experience that it may be best to go with an app as well. I use Amazon Prime for anything that I can wait two days for and I'm always using it from my Tablet just to look for interesting clothes or watches while on the couch.

    "Talk is cheap, results aren't."
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    me too i want to learn e-commrerce
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