Alternatives to iBuildApp, et al for non-branded Demos

by rbowen
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How should I handle building a demo mobile app that I can show a prospect for his approval *without* him (and his rookie webmaster) discovering the software-tools I'm using .. when they see the branding that iBuildApp and the others display?

I can build the app on iBuildApp, for instance, but it's hosted by them as a web app and when I show it to the prospect, he &/or his web guy will see it and blow me off.

And I don't want to build it out as a native app because I'd have to put it out on one of the app stores (Droid or iphone) .. which I don't want to spend the time &/or money on .. it's just a demo .. no money, no commitment yet.

I guess I'm looking for a developer-friendly software-tool/platform that - for relatively little money - allows you to build and host a white-label mock-up app - preferably one that can generate apps in HTML5 (for both iPhones & hi-end Droids) .. if there is such a place.

Any suggestions? How do you handle doing a demo without revealing your 3rd-party sources?

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    No money, no commitment yet? Jeez....I'd be sending mockups at the most.

    Why do you have to do a demo app? (good) App developers have all the power right now, I'm really confused here.

    Maybe some this a potentially huge deal for you?

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      @scottiek -

      Well, not much to be confused about.

      I'm sure experienced app-developers with a track record (& the right prospects) 'have all the power', as you put it. But I'm not experienced & therefore have no track record. And there are more than a few app-developers available to this guy; it's not like I'm the only one he can find.

      Besides, if I were him, I'd want to see something of a mock-up app before committing to a $1k - $2k app.

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    Looks like suddenly a lot of people are asking question about unbranded apps, which all info can be found thru Google. I really don't understand it

    But to answer your question from a different perspective... You can show a mock-up by making a mobile website which is always WHITE LABEL and if he agrees with the layout and everything you make him the actual APP...

    But if I we're you, I would be more worried when he asks you to show him an APP in one of the stores that YOU build for clients!!!
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    Well seeing you can Google ANYTHING that is threaded here, maybe you should just answer the question Captain Obvious. LOL

    don't listen to this guy dennism70, he doesn't think apps are for anything but games. LMAO
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