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What should I use to build mobile websites and sell them for $300 + hosting fee each month?Wordpress,Jquery,Joomla,dudamobile?
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    Do you know how to build a website and make it mobile optimized?

    Contact me at sales@rymico.com

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    It depends how comfortable you are with coding, and what will be the most efficient for you in creating sites that give you a good enough profit margin. From a purely business perspective, I would back track from your $300 and take off how much you think it will take to market each site, produce, deliver it and support it down the track.

    jQuery seems to be the latest and greatest way to create mobile sites now - but maybe your customers don't care about the technology, and it maybe quicker for you to go down the standard fill-in-the-template method.
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    If you want to get started, look around in the WSO for mobile templates. There are quite a few that can help you get going with minimum expense and with enough resources to get you sales.
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    It really depends what sort of businesses you plan to work with and what requirements those businesses will have. For example, if you plan on working with real estate or car dealers then you will need a much more substantial site than just your local locksmith.
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    Jquerry is good and you can even use HTML5 for making quality mobile websites.

    I am Daniel Jones, working in a Mobile Application Development Company as a Mobile App Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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    WillR is totally right. By the way, click on his signature and buy his WSO. I recommend that you buy it. His mobile websites are amazing.
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