What are the best ways to market an mobile app?

by Tadasj
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Hello guys, I am new in the forum and very interested in internet marketing. I was searching for tips how to market a mobile application, but hadn't come up with anything good.

Maybe anyone can share their marketing experience with mobile apps?
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    There are also many cpa networks promoting apps. I advertise many apps and it works well to grow userbase fast.
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      Originally Posted by freakymobile View Post

      There are also many cpa networks promoting apps. I advertise many apps and it works well to grow userbase fast.
      We are currently working on a case study showing how effective CPM is for mobile app marketing right now. With smaller budgets app developers and mobile marketers are seeing a huge increase in installs and user retention on our network.
      I will post the case study when completed.

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    JV oportunities with other app owners where you advertise each others apps is a great way to get more users downloading your app...
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      Can you give some specific info about your app? Like what kind of niche, I pursue things differently. Theres a couple websites you can put your app on

      Also promote it to your communities on fb, twitter, and by e-mail
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    I recommend that as a developer you need to come up with new type of app or if you are going to present existing app so present in a unique way. Create an effective marketing strategy prior that. Also build your own website which will be helping out through more visibility in online platform. And apply major online techniques like tweeting, writing an blog and others
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    Hey Tadasj
    Developing a nice application for some purpose is much easier at the present time as the competition in the business is rising at a great pace. For getting users and downloads on your app you need to perform a lot of marketing work. The best practices involves
    Posting blogs of your apps.
    Providing your app over app review sites
    Uploading videos of your app over you tube
    Social media networks.

    I am Daniel Jones, working in a Mobile Application Development Company as a Mobile App Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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    Hi, Tadasj. I actually run a website on this very topic (marketing/pr for mobile applications). I'm a professional mobile app marketing and pr specialist and our email newsletters are free at: theappnanny.com. Would love to have you join us!
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    use different social media network and i think this strategy will be very effective to market mobile application.
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    Maybe you could look at some form of affiliate promotion - once you have worked out some profitable sales funnels you can split the profits with.
    Software Marketing & Licensing System for WordPress Plugins, Themes & .NET Software
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    Market it to users using similar apps. Many have in-app advertising and there's endless inventory and traffic to choose from.
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    you can chose different channels, like different Mobile Ad Network in your market. They could provide better service to promote your Apps and do optimizations.
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    One of the ways that I think is effective is contacting different app review sites. The only catch is to pitch your app nicely so that they would pick it up.

    Hope it helps!
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    thanks for gr8 share
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    I see here a lot of warriors have shared their valuable thoughts. Hope you implement these suggestions and make some money
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    Social media networks
    Google alert
    Blog commenting
    Forum marketing.
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    Use SMM and SEO to promote your app. Post on forums and blogs, publish a free press release, ask for review on review websites, interact on social networks, promote it both offline and online. But if you need a successful promo strategy, you may hire the skilled professionals.
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    1. Market your app far ahead of launching it.
    2. Get reviewed.
    3. Try Corona by Ansca Mobile.
    4. Use your online karma.
    5. Get found when someone searches for “great apps.”

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      APPSPIRE.me has a number of useful marketing and advertising packages to insure your app is reaching the right audience, and place it at the top of the charts. We will even design you a custom package to fit your needs.

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