Should I be a reseller for mobile web design?

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Hello Warriors, I want to create a mobile web design company. I need your help. I am little lost and not sure where to start.

1) I noticed companies like and offer resseller options, does it make sense for me to be a reseller? and have different packages like they do? or should i just do everything by myself?

2) is it better to charge the customer in a monthly basis or a one time fee for creating the mobile web?

2a) what are you guys charging.

3) I also noticed a lot of mobile web designing companies also offer marketing, texting marketing, qr codes. do you think it is worth providing all these services?

4) Is sms marketing a good industry to tap into?

5) how can i get a simulator on my site? I looked everywhere and can't find anything. I found this link on the forum Iphone mobile simulator emulator and was looking at the code, it does not seem very difficult to have one on the site. have anyone figure it out yet? I am not so great with it.

6)what are some do's and don'ts?

Please share your thoughts and knowledge. I also hope this post can help others who are interested in this industry.
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    I have limited idea about mobile web design but as far as reselling, if you can do everything on your own is always better. I will become a reseller for any product or service only if I am unable to do it myself.

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