Mobile Pricing and Payment methods

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How much should I charge
How should I get paid

Two of the most thought about questions by those getting started in Mobile websites.

Here is a quick review of the information floating around out there:

Pricing -
  1. 1 time fee ranging from $100 to $397 on average, up to $1000 on the high end.
  2. 1 time fee plus low monthly 'hosting/maintenance fee' usually ranging between $15 and $40
  3. Free offer plus monthly 'hosting/maintenance fees' See above rates
  4. Setup Fee plus monthly 'hosting/maintenance' fees
Payment -
  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Credit Cards (in person or via a payment link)
  4. Invoice
Would you mind sharing which of these methods you have tried and found to work best for you?

My pricing model works like this:

I actually charge a $100 setup fee and offer 3 pricing tiers. Each tier includes additional services and pages to add value and raise price

$100 setup fee and $67/mo for basic
$100 setup and 167/mo for upgraded
$100 setup and 267/mo for premium

I also offer a promotion - pay 6 months up front receive 1 month free or 12 months up front receive 2 months free.

As far as my payments go, I can do all the above except swipe a card, but I've been considering getting a phone /creditcard reader.
I prefer automatic payments over monthly invoicing because I don't want to be looking to see whos paying/not paying all the time.

Please share your rates and payment methods!
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    Hey smartcontent
    I have been offering one time fee offer with no hidden prices, so the client gets satisfaction that he do not have to pay any other single penny and I gets nice business. I usually accepts all means of money transfer modes what ever is preferred by client.

    I am Daniel Jones, working in a Mobile Application Development Company as a Mobile App Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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