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I am considering the options for installation as:

Option 1: Install on Clients Hosted Server
Option 2: Install on my HostGator server with a new .mobi domain.

I have read the posts with pro's and con's for both approaches, and I like the .mobi domain option primarily for ease of making changes to the website (coupons, menus, etc). However, I was hoping to get some feedback on those who install on Clients Hosted Server (website) as a subdomain too.

1. Do you find any resistance from the client or clients webmaster regarding giving you access to their hosted server to install the code and redirect scripts ?

2. How do you manage changes post-installation, do you need to keep access to the subdomain folders ?

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    I am wondering about this as well. Although I will be focusing on apps for clients, some will need to of course have a mobile friendly site too/instead. I was wondering about clients that already have had a site created for them that they do not manage themselves.

    Seems to me trying to get access to their server to upload content but going through a third party web design person or service might not be that easy, I guess the client could get the login details, but wouldnt they just go through the other person?

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      Hopefully, we can get some real life feedback on this here.
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    Anyone with real life examples of success or challenges with getting access to the subdomain of the desktop website to install / modify a mobile site ?

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    Elkie, please don't bump your own threads.

    It's not allowed on this forum. The mods will delete your thread if they see you doing that.
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    The main thing with client interactions is to be organised and confident in what you are doing - and show that to the client.

    If a client sees that you can do the job that they need and you have communicated that you need them to supply access details, etc.. then you really shouldn't have a problem.

    Take charge of your tasks that you need to complete.
    If you are getting resistance then deal with it quickly, with poise and good business sense.

    The more you let yourself get stuffed around by a client, the less you are earning per hour.

    I hope that helps, and don't be afraid to reply to this thread if you need any more info.
    We are here to help and not scold.
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    We have a youtube channel - can any one let me know where should i submit our videos to get more subscription and likes

    Thanks & Regards
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