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Hey Warriors
I have been in the business of mobile development, getting good number of projects on mobile website development as well as apps development on all smart phone platforms.
The issue is that projects of apps development are giving me a nice revenue (of course they are of great price) where as mobile websites are of much lower cost.

Here I need your help, I wanna decide to continue smaller website development or only work on mobile apps.
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    Well, shoopt, if you have a good revenue from apps development business and can make a living why do anything else?
    Mobile marketing is hot right now but I think apps are getting even hotter. At the same time if I'd be you I would probably stick to apps keeping a tight grip on mobile site business as well. In that case you would kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean. You can always offer your customers two ways of marketing.
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    @shoopt discounting mobile web would be foolish. Having an app is great for business retention but doesn't do much for client acquisition. That is where mobile web comes in, bring them (customers) in with mobile web and keep them with an app. Customers don't find businesses in the app store. You should be able to provide your clients a complete mobile marketing solution.
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    OK if you can make more money with apps development, why do you do web development ?
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    Depending on the business why not create a mobile landing page (so they can be found easily through local search and non-smartphone users can find what they need) and then have a link of some sort to go to the respective app store to download the app.

    You could charge a bit more for app creation but include the landing page in the cost. As many before me have said, people don't look in the app store for local offline businesses.
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    Mobile websites sell for less than apps but take less time to create than apps. So I don't see the problem. So long as your time is being rewarded sensibly then that's what we call 'business'.
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      Thanks WillR for your helpful suggestion. Yes it is true that mobile apps takes time in development process so they are of higher prices on the contrary side mobile websites takes less time so they costs comparatively less.

      As suggested by Kevin, should I try to provide complete mobile marketing solutions to the clients or tackle them separately with apps development and mobile website building services.

      I am Daniel Jones, working in a Mobile Application Development Company as a Mobile App Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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