MMS auto-reply capability. anyone offers it?

by Edge88
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Hi Warriors.

A client of mine is interested in sending MMS messages to people who text a keyword to the short-code.

He is not interested in getting an audience to opt-in to a distribution list. He is simply interested in being able to deliver an MMS in response to a request from the audience.

The implication here is that there is no need for a message telling the client how to opt out or telling them that they will receive X amount of messages per month.

We want to simply deliver a one-time MMS in response to a request.

Do you know which providers we could get this from?


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    Sorry for asking but why would he only want to deliver the one MMS message? If people are opting in why wouldn't he want to follow up with those people?

    I'm not saying it's wrong I'm just trying to understand how he plans on using it.
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    Will, Thanks for asking.

    People are not opting in. People are requesting a response with an MMS coupon and that's it. There's not need to freak out the coupon requester with a "you will receive X msgs/month"

    So basically it's a coupon delivery system. When requested via a keyword, the coupon must be delivered as MMS and not as a tiny URL.

    any thoughts?

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    I just feel that's a bit of a wasted opportunity. If people are going to be texting a number then you may as well be adding them to a list at the same time. It's easy enough for people to unsubscribe if they want. If people get annoyed by that then the coupon or discount you are giving is not good enough in my opinion.

    So offer a deal people are going to really want and add them to a list.
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