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Do you now any site or service where I can send sms for free or very cheap.
I'll need about 50-100 sms a day.. please help me
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    The cheapest paid solution is probably Twilio / OpenVBX.

    If you want something that is completely free however, then you can send SMS via Twitter. It's not exactly a "professional" solution, but I suppose it has its uses. There is a popular thread about it here.

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    Hi I can help you in this regard how many sms do you want to send per month PM me
    $100 / Month Virtual Assistant Wanted! PM me if interested asap
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    I cann't send PM because of my posts

    At first I need 100-200 sms, if everything be ok than I will need about 1000-1500 sms a month
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    I´m not from the US, but there should be some prepaid cards with some free minutes + free sms in your country.
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    Im not from the US but I doubt you will get anything like those numbers for free.

    As for cheap there should be plenty of recommendations around the forum. Did you try a search?

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    You could get your SMS for free if you got a local business to sponsor your texts. I used a free service on the internet a number of months ago ( I think it was for an appt reminder, not sure) and at the end of the message it said: Sponsored by Starbucks

    So get alot of subscribers to an SMS list, then get a local business to pay you every month to have their ad and website address at the end of the SMS messages you send.
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    I live in Georgia and there is nothing free...

    my local companies refused
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    How cheap is cheap are you looking for? Do you have an email where I can contact you?
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    I am not sure but you can try smseverywhere(dot)com,
    I think it will work well for you.
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    FREE is not real. There is free but you can get in trouble if you are sending text via SMTP (email protocol). Real professional text marketing is done by SMPP with shortcodes.

    There are MANY lawsuits going on from businesses who thought they can do it for free. Ive met some of them going door to door who said, "Hey man I do it already for free."

    You can it legitimately for $49 (800) messages a month or so.
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    My suggestion would have to be textem.net
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    Try Youtext.com. Totally Free, their business model is ads based. They provide a nice contacts database panel. I have automated use with iMacros, otherwise you will have o manually send every text.
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    i cant see you getting anything for free for those type of numbers, if you believe you have a solid idea of what you are doing i suggest biting the bullet and shelling out for the service

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    Twilio - easy to use, develop your own apps and cost effective.
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    Just search on Google, but be aware, you get what you pay for.
    Free doesn't always equal same quality as companies where you're paying to use their service.


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