How to Market Mobile Websites

by MKaren
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I have posted different mobile marketing strategy to answer a post in this forum though but felt not satisfy of my answer because there are so many kind of strategy one can do for their mobile website.

1.Classified Ads Marketing is known to many but not as mobile marketing,there are classifieds that has mobile version like craigslist.its one way to generate traffic to your mobile websites.
2.Forum Posting,Some popular forums has its mobile version and can be access from mobile.
3.Social Medias are still powerful media to use for websites likewise for mobile version of it.
4.Google Places and Rating Sites can cause website to generate good reputation hence when people tend visit your website on mobile phones the mobile website generate traffic.
5.On page SEO on mobile website can stand on its own hence generate good ranking on search engine on mobiles.
6.SMS, you can send SMS through free software or web base tools
7.Offline Marketing, in offline marketing you can use QR codes where people can scan them that will lead to your website
8.Mobile Application, where people download and just visit your website through it.

Marketing your regular size website would be the best option and having your regular visitor access your on mobile, that's why building reputation is important.

That's the reason why mobile SEO could be more expensive because its difficult to do.
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    I don't think using a mobile app to display a website is a good thing. People using mobile apps, because the apps are working offline too, and/or they can actually do something with the app. An app should satisfy the needs of a customer, and it should be different from the website.
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    Be careful too with the free sms. These are not opt-in Shortcode based SMPP and you can get in heavy trouble if you are sending texts to people with commercial intent they did not ask for.

    All it takes is 1 whistle blower. The rest seems good to me. Thanks.
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    Marketing mobile websites is almost the same techniques as marketing normal websites. Off page and on page optimization still needs to be applied.
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    Well, these all tactics are important which you shared because you can't market your mobile site without submitting here. Furthermore, try to market it on social media sites which are pretty good way to promote it.
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    Hey MKaren
    You can also include advertisement over mobile websites and in-app ads over similar applications, this also divers a nice traffic to your apps.

    I am Daniel Jones, working in a Mobile Application Development Company as a Mobile App Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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    Why don't you just simply walk into a business and show the owner what their current site looks like, and then show them a simple mobile mock up of their mobile site on your can whip one together in 10 mins.

    Then simply offer it to them for a discounted price to get the client, and then upsell other services like sms, social media etc...
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    it seemed to be a complex system, I was looking for a lot of advices in the internet and found this,

    - Youtube account, promote the videos
    - Try to get promoted by reviewers and bloggers
    - Pages in Social Media sites
    - Communicate with your viewers
    - May start with a company who promotes you
    - Use forums

    Good luck!
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