Any iPhone apps owners on the forum?

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Hi guys,

I got into the app business about six months ago.I outsourced right away to Asia the development. Basically I draw the app on a piece of paper & I send a request for proposal on elance and then work starts.

My 2 apps are not ready yet; they should be ready within a few weeks. I'd like to get in touch with owners of apps to discuss how they market their app/what works/what doesn't.

Anyone here has experience with that?

Gabriel (from France)
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    Hey Gabriel, what kind of apps are you creating?
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    My good friend Brunson and his partner has a great app program out. The do it all for you THE RIGHT WAY!!!
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      Originally Posted by Always-A-Warrior View Post

      My good friend Brunson and his partner has a great app program out. The do it all for you THE RIGHT WAY!!!
      Hey! I might be interested to know more about that. Can you PM an email? Thanks
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    I own plenty of apps... on my iphone.

    Oh, you mea app DEVELOPERS?!
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    I see absolutely no reason to upgrade an iPhone 4 to iOS6. It's only takes away things you already have. Why would you do that? Maps, alone, is reason enough to stay far, far away from iOS6.
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      Hey guys,

      Sorry for my late replies.

      One app is a game between facebook friends (somewhat close to draw something).

      The second one is a camera app with a list of filters with live display!

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    Hi there

    I specialize in mobile marketing, I'm not to sure if your aware mobile apps in my opinion are great tools for customer retention and mobile websites are great for customer acquisition.

    I share that with you because smart phone users are using their portable devices to search for businesses online, meaning they are not going into the App Store to look for local businesses like restaurants, dentists, plumbers etc.

    They are using google+local to find their answers. To answer your question about marketing my apps, It does depend but at the core of my mobile structure is a mobile website which I advise all my customers to have and use for acquiring new customers and to use their mobile app for creating loyalty, brand and retention of customers.

    Feel free to touch base with me if you have any questions or need help with an app

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  • I own a few apps that are currently on iTunes and am constantly developing new ones as well. The most recent of which is Big Air Motocross, a free motocross game that utilizes IAPs.

    I have some experience with app marketing as well. Feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions.
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    m not owner but i can help you about it
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    I think those space ads or little banners are also a good way to market apps. But make sure your ads appear on high quality and app related sites so that you can get quality backlinks and get sales.
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    I have an iPhone and would be happy to help you out - just pm me with details on how I can do so...

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