Any success with "click for call" or "click to call"

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I have a telemarketing team and we tried a couple of mobile campaigns in the forex niche. One campaign we asked people to enter their phone number and we would call within 24 hours with a special offer. The ad clearly stated what the offer was, so we were expecting some good conversions.

On the other one we had a button they could click and it would produce an inbound call to our team. We were excited about this, but we didn't get many calls and the ones we did get just hung up or were confused about what we offer (even though we could not have been more up front and clear in our ad). On the former campaign (the one where we would call people) it was just bad quality all around.

Has anyone had any success with these types of campaigns? Maybe it's the wrong niche for this sort of thing? What kind of mobile campaigns have you had success with?
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    "Click to call" works better than "click for call" for me.
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    Plenty of our users are having very good success with Click-to-call campaigns, so there's definitely (big) opportunity there.

    Are you using the Google Adwords c2c extension or using a button on your landing page? Or both?

    One example that springs to mind is a user of ours who sent an SMS with a special offer to all her customers. She runs a fitness centre and was offering x% off membership renewals.

    The link in the SMS led to a landing page with both a "Click to call" CTA and a Paypal buy now button.

    This promotion lead to more sales than an average Groupon campaign (which was astounding) and the sales were split 50/50 between paypal and calls.

    Without knowing any more details, my first port of call would be to check your ad campaign. It sounds like you're just not targeting the right keywords and getting qualified, interested leads.

    Might also be worth your while checking out a service like Log My Calls, which could help track the calls and reduce accidental clicks.
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    What about just having 'Call' or 'Call Me' on there?
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    Hey illmill
    Click to call is comparatively good for your business than quote for call. Since a large number of people uses smart phones a click to call button on you website lets them contact you easily. It isn't like I receives great amount of call from end-users but get enough calls from people who would not have contacted if there were no calling button.

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