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Texting is big between individuals. But little or nothing exists in the business/customer area. Let's face it, consumers are preferring non-personal forms of communication over calls etc... or texting/getting info at times when talking on phone isn't feasible.

Anyone know of platforms that exist that allow a business to interact with customers via text? Probably something like mutiple IM/text chat windows. It would be quick and easy stuff like hours, address, etc... I'm thinking it would be PC based at the business being able to interact with a number of incoming texts.

Mobile/website would have a click to call/text button.
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    In business industry texting is really an informal way of communication. Business people should rather send messages through email instead.
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    its not what business wants, its what the customer wants, and a whole lot of them prefer texting.

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    this can be done via Twitter, ok its limiting the messages I know but once someone follows you via a certain pre defined method on Twitter, each tweet is then sent as an SMS by the business.

    here you go


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    You could set up this up with Twilio and openvbx and have matching keywords for what customers most request. text: hours and they will get a text reply with business hours; text: directions and they will get a reply with address and directions; text: coupon and they will get a text coupon reply with their latest special, etc.

    Progbably easier though to just to have a mobile website where someone can get all of this into at once, along with a click to call (or click to text).
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