How can I sync "selected" desktop site content with a mobile site

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Does anyone know how to set-up a WP desktop site to automatically update a separate mobile site with only certain "selected content" updates from a desktop top site.

The main site would be WP & the mobile site ideally would be HTML, but could be WP too if need be.

Basically I'm trying to keep the mobile site code/content lean so that it loads quick. But need to be able to display special selected alerts/content from the clients main site without them nor me having to create double entries... hope that made sense...

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    I know that you can sync Blog posts with RSS - It's pretty transparent for this to happen, and should be built into the Mobile 'template' you may be using...

    If you are hand coding, it's just a matter of building it in...

    Now the part about 'selected content'... that's where I draw a blank.

    I'll be watching as the experts come on by...

    Very Good question by the way....

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your response! Yeah I have considered using WP RSS plugin... but the issue of "select" content remains to be a large. ;-)

      Happy Gobbler Day to you too!

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