how to get sales from clients that say no

by Jarrod
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Thus far when positioning mobile sites to local businesses, the biggest objection I get (and from what I read on the forum I'm sure yours is the same) is "thanks, I'll have my web developer look into it."

Initially when a customer says this I assure them I'm not trying to replace their current web developer, can work on it together with them if that'd be most advantageous, show them some of my previous work, etc.

Thus far, most folks I've done this with have ended up having their current web developer take care of it, leaving me out.

I started replying to such folks with the following:


"No worries; I hope they take great care of you.

One more question, if I may.

I am sure that you have in your network many small business owners similar to yourself. I am sure some of them would benefit from having a mobile site, and do not have a good reliable web designer they already work with that can take care of it for them. I was wondering if you might be willing to send a note similar to the following out to a few (~10-15) such individuals?

"Hey, I just wanted to share this information with you guys. I recently had someone reach out to me regarding setting up a mobile version of my website. After some consideration, I decided to actually let my current web designer do it. However, I know some of you either manage your own site, or don't have a solid reliable web designer that can take care of this for your site, so I thought I'd forward along the contact information for the guy I mentioned. He informed me that (according to google) over 20% of all web traffic is currently mobile, and it'll be over 50% by the end of 2013, so seems like a worthwhile investment. Here is his info:

My Name
My Number
My Email"

If you would be willing to do so, I would be most grateful, as I'm sure the folks you send it to will be.

Happy holidays, and all the best to you and yours!"

I have done this a few times, and have had a couple that are willing to do so.

Sharing this right now because I just got a sale out of it.

May the force be with you.

-Jedi Jarrod
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    That is great info, I really appreciate you sharing. I swear the WF is like having the ultimate secret weapon in your back pocket. Jedi Rejoice!
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    When I have come across this objection I have clarified that I am a mobile website professional were as their regular "web guy" isn't, otherwise they would already have a mobile website...Then what I say next either kills it or wins it...

    I say, "each and every day that you do not have a mobile website increases YOUR competitors income, taking YOUR customers in the (whatever) industry, I can have a mock up by close of business tomorrow for you to take action are you interested in proceeding?"

    For every 10 times I say this 7 say "yes, do it!

    We offer mobile optimized websites at

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      I've been running into this a bit too....

      How about this:

      Build a quick, decent looking mobile site for the business owners,
      contact them and let them know what you've done and give it to
      them for free.

      Then, upsell them on other services.

      Takes a bit of time/resources investment up front but a good chance
      for having a long-time customer. And, they may just be ready for
      a change in their current "web guy."

      I'm going to do some testing and will report back soon....


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    I get the same objection, I quickly tell them I specialise in all things mobile marketing related I then ask" do you know what your customer acquisition figure is?" Meaning how much money are you spending on advertising and do you know which form of advertising is working versus which isn't?

    Most business owners don't really know this figure and they pull some number out of the air, ill ask them follow up questions related to the customer acquisition formular for example I'd say something like so how many customers are actually coming in through your door and write their answer down. And how many of those customers are buying.

    If they go on defense and say what do you want to know that for, I then tell them I specialise in all things mobile marketing related, my goal is to show you how much money mobile marketing can save you in advertising, increase your bottom line profits and reduce your customer acquisition cost.

    The best way for me to achieve this is take your current customer acquisition cost and show you how much profit you could be making if you had an increase in sales of 5% most business owners I speak to this could be an increase of $80k a year

    Would you like to know how to get that extra $80k per year through having a mobile marketing plan begining with a mobile website ? Although I am a qualified graphic designer I never position myself as a designer. Because I'm competing with my fellow creatives,

    Here's what's working for me I do more listening then talking, I find out what their business needs through the customer acquisition formular. I then take my services away from them by saying thank you for taking the time to speak with me, I hope this information helps you save money and I am sure your current web designer can help you achieve the extra $80k in sales now that you know where and how to find this information.

    I then say that I have to go because I've got an appointment with and ill name their direct competitions name in my local area and I best not be late for that because they called to set that appointment up.

    I have found this presentation works for me a treat and I have received phone calls from everyone of those potential customers who listened and saw the customer acquisition formular & by taking the cards off the table I don't appear desperate where I need their business.

    It's the old we always want what we can't have kind of thinking using the emotion of feeling rejected and those customers will call you back leave them your card pack up and start making your way to the door, as I'm packing up I'd ask them did you have any questions you want me to cover before I leave? That question scores me 2 out of 5 sign ups on the spot.

    If you've read this far then you deserve to know what and how to use the customer acquisition formular is by reading about it here 5 Ways to Grow Your Profits | Mobile Traffic 2.0Mobile Traffic 2.0
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    I have built a demo app for the prospective client but in front of their name i put DEMO then i email it to them or have even added it to the Google Play store so they can see "Their" app and download it and get the customer experience. Then its a simple process of removing DEMO and making any changes they need.

    We Need JV's For Massive Launch

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