What does 'Mobile Marketing' mean to you?

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Over the last year or two the term 'mobile marketing' has been bandied about a lot. It is a part on online marketing that I have so far largely ignored, but it does seem to be hailed as the 'next big thing'.

Yesterday I had lunch with an old friend who started a 'mobile marketing' company with two other guys a little over a year ago and was amazed that they have swanky London offices, a blue-chip client list and a turnover that is already heading towards £2.5 million ($4m).

Chatting about what he does made it clear that his company has only just scratched the surface.

The thing was - and what lead to my question here - is that what he calls 'mobile marketing' isn't really what I understand by the term. It is more like what I would call rich media advertising. Interactive ads.

It really isn't something that I could see would be either possible or practical for our kind of Internet marketers to create or use.

So what does the term 'mobile marketing' mean to you?
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    Originally Posted by Martin.Avis View Post

    But what is it that you are calling mobile marketing?
    When I hear that term, I'd instantly think of affiliate arbitrage campaigns on mobile networks - i.e. showing banners to users on their smartphones.

    But when you think about it, it could actually mean more than that...from sms broadcasting...to selling mobile sites to offline businesses. It's really a broad term.

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    Mobile marketing for me personally is anything marketed and communicated through a mobile device. This may include sms text messages, apps, mobile websites, etc.


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    Mobile Marketing - Marketing trough mobile devices - sms, mobile ads!

    Some confuse it (or not) with trying to sell mobile services to interested parties!
    I.M Hound: Intelligent Business Solutions & I.M News
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    Is sending spam sms considered mobile marketing? I hate getting spam sms everyday. I never subscribe to any mobile list.
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    To me it means being able to market your products and services all from a cell phone.
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    This shouldn't be in the Main Internet Marketing forum, it should be in here...

    Mobile Marketing
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    What makes mobile marketing unique is the engagement factor. Your target audience can be reached by SMS/MMS marketing, mobile websites or native apps. With the growing number of mobile devices people tend to browse using smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing is a great way to access customers on the go and increase the interaction. More about mobile marketing here What is Mobile Marketing?
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    Mobile Marketing is not just one specific thing for me.

    It involves the use of mobile technology to get businesses more leads and more customers.

    This can be done through mobile websites, sms, mobile coupons, mobile ads, the list goes on and on.
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    What WFAlex said is precisely what I think of the term Mobile mktg.
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    A kind of marketing where mobile device is used.
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    To me it means marketing to individuals who are using smart cell phones.
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    in my sight spam sms is apart of mobile marketing,, and yes mobile marketing is spreading sms to promote offline business via mobile. if I were wrong please correct!!
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    This thread has me thinking to myself "what is mobile marketing to me?" I had to analyze the term "mobile marketing".

    Basically in my mind it's another aspect of marketing. Mobile Marketing is marketing efforts easier on mobile phones or using your mobile phones to connect and get your business in front of other thru their mobile phones.

    Google for example is trying to step up their mobile marketing efforts as their mobile advertising (mobile marketing) has been very weak.


    Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    With the rapid growth of mobile users, Mobile marketing has become the most wanted tool for almost every businessmen. Marketing of products or services through a mobile device is called as mobile marketing and this is the most simple way to define this broad term. It is an obvious fact that if you do not want to loose some trust worthy customers, then do go for mobile marketing.
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