Mobile websites for campgrounds?

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Hi guys,

What do you think about offering mobile websites to campgrounds? I travel quite a bit (one of the many perks of the IM lifestyle!) and visit campgrounds on a regular basis. The great thing campgrounds is that they usually have the owner behind the counter, and they are very friendly (especially when you book a spot).

My question, for all the mobile experts on this forum is - do you think a mobile website would be a good fit for campgrounds? Why or why not? How would you increase the value?

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    It seems like it might be a good idea, you can even specialise it for their customers who are in there - list facilities, include a map or something - even better if you can do a custom map on google. You can also have them put their customer service policies on their site and tap to call customer service/front desk etc. Good luck with it!
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    You can have free stuff/seasonal discounts etc. All are happy to get something free whenever they are looking for something.
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    Every business needs a mobile website. The magic is getting the business owner to realize that. They must see ROI to investment. The challenge is it will take 6-months to a year before they will see ROI after the investment is made. Especially small business people tend to not give technology a chance to prove itself. Quote 6-month to 1-year contracts. Explain to the business owner their return "WILL NOT BE IMMEDIATE"
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    Great suggestions.
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    Mobile sites are very useful for mobile locals. It is part of target group. As a member said you have to convince it will have ROI and it is the hardest part. But just doing a presentation or testimonials will help a lot. Btw i own a mobile development site as business in a box that i do not need - . Let me know if someone wants it.
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