Best way to promote my mobile app to video gamers

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I have a mobile phone app for video gamers, which has received investor funding and what I have been working on, along with a team for the past few months.

We are at a stage where the app is good to go, but we are struggling to get initial eye balls on the app.

Any ideas or suggestions on how/where we should be spending our limited marketing budget? (We need to hit a few thousand downloads of the free app within a few weeks)
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    I would definitely say your app would need some type of presence or exposure where the gamers hang out on the web. lets say Call of Duty what are the top 10 blogs, forums, forums inside or xbox for those games or websites. Can you buy traffic on the sites for cheap. Create or sponsor a walkthrough guide. you can go alot of ways with it
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      I would suggest if you could promote or market it to video game-related forums where a lot of video gamers hang out.

      Good luck with your mobile app!
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    Go on website that promote free apps. There are a ton of websites like where you can submit your app in the free category.

    Lots of people find apps through this way. This is how I got thousands of downloads for an Amazon book - free directories for amazon kindle books.
    It won't cost you anything but your time, and you could always pay someone dirt cheap to make the submissions :-)
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    Promoting yous apps to video gamers mayy be done by following ways.
    * Stay active in the video game forums, where the video gamers and game lovers stay active and do post there some valuable posts related to your niche.
    * Try and use various mobile advertising networks to get more installs.
    * Promote on Social media profiles of yours.
    * Feature your apps on various services like AppAllstar, FAAD etc.
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    Go to youtube.

    Search for game reviewers with high followers.
    Pay them or sponsor them to do a review of your game.
    and they will share that review with their followers.

    Kinda like Internet marketing sharing launch with someone's else mailing list.
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    I'm super interested in what your app is I used to be in this niche. I built a social networking site for console video gamers but wasn't patient enough to continue it, I had a couple thousand users when I took it down. Most got users through my gamer blog attached to the site I did SEO on based on the gamers I wanted. Also I played a lot of games and told everyone on the games I played to join. I also sponsored a few "pro" gamers and had them tweet out for me about the site etc... (this wasn't that expensive anywhere from 20$-30$).

    I used to attend major video game tournaments ( and have some connections in that market still. I'm checking out the app now and will let you know what I think.

    My Time is Now

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    From what I can tell Dee you're product is aimed at users that;

    a) play games on mobile devices
    b) play them against friends

    Can users inform their buddies about this app once they download it ?

    My top promotional strategies would be;

    Ensure that the app name and keywords used when listing / promoting the app in the app markets really gets peoples attention.
    Do some in app traffic swaps and promotions - various platforms for this.
    Get exposure on review sites - various sites for this.
    Games blogs (if app is awesome) - various sits for this.
    Free app a day (you can easily google that one)
    Social media - obvious (try your existing network....)

    Some of the above are free and some cost money, some are barter/exchange promotions so you can keep the costs down. For speed, paid can get quicker results if you have no other leverage!
    Become A Modern Business Engineer - new site coming soon.....
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    theres a pretty big gamer community on twitter
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    one good solution is to promote it through app reviews sites , they are plenty and they increase rapidly. that in case you don't want to spend money

    If you want to spend some money for start you can use

    they have many ad sellers and the prices vary for any budget.
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