Ways of Marketing a iPhone App

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What do you guys think are the best way of marketing and promoting an iPhone app? Let me start.

Social media is a positive way of starting.
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    I would say submitting to app review sites would be a good start.

    Then I would look for specific sites that cater to your app audience and see if you could run ads on them, or get them to do a write up on your app.
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    I would think getting it on the apple site of apps or app directories would be a great way to go.
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    There are various ways of marketing an app. It hardly matters if you are developing and marketing an iPhone app or an androif app or any other. The best way to market your app is defintely the Social Networking Sites. Make a facebook page and do post the links to your apps, even you can creat awesome videos of your iPhone app and put them on YouTube channel. It will get you more response. Try and maintain a blog of yours where you can post the description as well as the related iPhone apps so that people may come to know about the same. Also go for direct media marketing, where you can write about the release of your iPhone apps and its advantages.
    Ways of marketing are just countless...
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    Think Social media, Media buys, buy sell ads (if budget is available), review submissions websites, viral marketing and so much more. Once you get the gist of marketing an app, it all becomes second hand and usually a budget of $50-150 can get your alot done.
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      My top promotional strategies would be;
      • Ensure that the app name and keywords used when listing / promoting the app in the app markets really gets peoples attention.
      • Do some in app traffic swaps and promotions - various platforms for this.
      • Get exposure on review sites - various sites for this.
      • Games blogs (if app is awesome) - various sites for this.
      • Free app a day (you can easily google that one)
      • Social media - obvious (try your existing network....)
      Some of the above are free and some cost money, some are barter/exchange promotions so you can keep the costs down. For speed, paid can get quicker results if you have no other leverage!
      Become A Modern Business Engineer - new site coming soon.....
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    Originally Posted by iphoneglance View Post

    What do you guys think are the best way of marketing and promoting an iPhone app? Let me start.

    Social media is a positive way of starting.
    Think of your website as being the main target for your marketing efforts. If you do, then just about all the general web marketing techniques that I've brought up in this blog -- and that are omnipresent elsewhere on the Internet --can apply to you.
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    PPC, SMO, SEO, appreviewing sites are the best way to promote and marketing Iphone apps..
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    app review sits, ppc, social media would also be a great way. even some offline stuff including QR codes would be creative
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    What we have found works very well is:

    Building relationship with gaming authority sites, and blogs makes a massive difference as they can get your app infront of thousands of eyes with a press of a button!
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