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by soudy
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Hey guys!

Quick question and hopefully someone can shed some light on the situation.

I have a website, which converts to mobile when it reads the device.

Im currently using PPC ( Adwords) and promoting CPA offers that are iFramed.

but on the primary devices like iphone etc, the offer wont show the fields. However on my Galaxy S3 it does but using previewing tools, iPhone and the top 3 devices dont show the iFramed offer fields and the submit button.

Is there anything I can do perhaps to the website? I believe it is currently mobile friendly, should i change it to a mobile APP ?

Or has anyone experienced the same problem with using Mobile websites with iFramed offers? Or some advice for iFrame offers for mobile users?

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    Hi Soudy,

    If the issue is that you can't scroll over to the iframed offer fields and the submit button within the iframe, then you may be able to make it work by setting the "overflow" in your iframe's CSS to "auto", ie:

    iframe {
    height: xx em;
    width: yy em;

    If it's a different issue, then elaborate a little more and I'll see if I can come up with a fix for you.
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