Mobile Marketing Predictions?

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Mobile apps and mobile websites are going to explode. In year terms we are in internet marketing of 1997-98(1998 Google founded). Although the competition will be fierce the pie is huge.

My 50 cent prediction Android is going to dominate for reasons like:
Android runs on almost 4000 devices IOS runs on 6.....

You can have 90$ android device. You will NEVER have apple device with cost 90$. It's a simple as that.

Don't get me wrong Apple will always have a huge share.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this issue.
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    The trends for Android take up appear to be leaving iPhone in the dust so the tide has turned there for sure.

    There are still new mobile devices of all shapes and sizes coming out, as well as new location based services and it will continue to grow.

    Marketers that realise its not about squeezing more ads into new platforms, it's about how to use these technologies to enhance their relationships with prospects and customers will get the most return from their efforts!.
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      Android runs on much more devices than iOS but don't forget that Apple's customers use more apps and are more likely to spend.

      Done, sasi e bisi, colpi ciari e fisi.
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    Apple will continue to be steady but they need to do something better with the Iphone 6, the 5 was a mediocre upgrade from the 4.

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