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I have an offline client that wants to offer coupons for his business via a mobile app. I have done some reading here. Is there something out there that is simple to use or drag and drop where I can create this for him myself that works on both iphone and android?

Thanks for the advice.

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    If you want "simple" + something that works well with iPhone and Android, then go with one of the HTML5-based mobile frameworks like jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Sencha, etc.

    What you could do is design the coupon in HTML5 with a "click here to redeem" button. Whenever the customer clicks the button, they get signed up to your client's SMS list, and then receive a special "coupon code".

    Then when said customer walks into store to get their discounted product / service, they show your client their "coupon code" in order to get the discount.

    Alternately, you could implement the coupon functionality without making your client's customers sign up to an SMS list, but getting them on the list would give your client an extra revenue stream which they otherwise would not have.

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      I support very user-friendly drag and drop software for creating Android and iTunes apps. It has a coupon feature that integrates social media, as well as a mobile loyalty and "check in" with GPS feature.

      I create all the training videos for it, and it has to be easy if I can build apps, because I'm no coder :-)

      Lee Ann
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    I have a service already built for this if his business is in the US or parts of Canada. PM me if you want to know the particulars about this service and what the affiliate comms are.
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    Go for widgetBox or Whoop like cross platform mobile app development tools through which you can develop any kind of app, which is easy to creat and easy to use even without an expert programmer.
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