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I know WF currently has mobile marketing as forum here, but would anyone else but me think it be good if it was broken down into mobile marketing, and app marketing?

As some people are looking on mobile websites, working with businesses for mobile, QR Codes etc.

And there are others who are creating there own apps, and wanting to market them etc

Just a thought just wanted to know what others think
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    Maybe a subsection of mobile marketing
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      Honestly apps are just another form of mobile marketing, if you did this why not a section for sms, mobi sites ect.
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        Originally Posted by MoBuzz View Post

        Honestly apps are just another form of mobile marketing, if you did this why not a section for sms, mobi sites ect.
        I'd have to disagree with you on that one. App Marketing involves much more than just mobile marketing.

        Things like building your app network and using push notifications (how to effectively use them, etc.) warrants its own.
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    I also think "mobile apps" are another form of "mobile marketing".
    Unless there is an increase of "mobile apps" threads there is no reason to divide main topic.
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      Eventually I think there may be a need for a specific forum just for mobile apps, but not quite yet. Great to see the number of posts and experience growing when it comes to apps.
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        I'm all for WF to have a different section for app marketing. Not sure though how we can divide the topics altogether.
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    I agree that its a great topic, but maybe like others have said, keep it here until there is so much interest that a subcategory of mobile for apps would make sense.

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    I agree, but its too early now i think. Next stage of marketing is mobile marketing only. So for that the mobile app developers developing their apps in a huge no's. so there's a competition arises automatically. 2nd, if many developers are doing the same app development, there's a marketing need is created. so when its huge, there's nothing wrong to have a separate section in this.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nail Yener
    I think at one time in the future (could be a distant future) the app market will fade away. We will have applications independent of platforms, just as large corporations (Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Google,...) have started to bring their products into cloud. Others may think differently but I don't see a long term future in the app market and I don't think we need a separate app subforum.
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