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I encountered this objection while cold calling (well, not really, the guy just asked whether or not he could have the first month free, I said no, and it killed the conversation) the other day and I wasn't too sure how to reply...

However I can see how a small business owner might not want to wait to see results , but what is a reply that work well for you guys?

I'm not calling locally so growing my own list and just letting people borrow it is not an option unfortunately at this moment (unless someone can point me to a SMS provider that doesn't cost an arm and serves all the major carriers in Montreal).
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    He is focused on getting new people into the seats. You need to help people like that understand that getting people into the seats more often is a cheaper and more efficent way to increase revenue and profits.

    I have one resturant that I go to 3+ times a week. Resturants that use SMS could create a lot more people like me.

    The key is to get you best customers thinking about you more often. I start thinking about lunch around 10 or 10:30 at the earliest so if I get a text around then reminder me that Taco Johns has 99 cent Tacos today that might influence me to go there. They are already running that special but it only is targeting people in the resturant and those who remember it. By tying it in with SMS you are now targeting people who you know love to eat there (they signed up right?) and getting them back in the door faster.

    Would I rather spend $400 to run some coupons in the paper to get a few new people in the building who will never come back or would it be better to use that same money (or less?) and target my current customers and get them in the building more often. Plus if you send them good deals they will bring their friends and talk about your resturant so you will still get new customers as well.
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    This guy might not have been the best prospect if he wanted everything free out front, but its likely that he didn't understand the offer.

    I have had good luck by presenting SMS as an alternative to all of the print ads that businesses run. Tie in the fact that you can help reduce their print ad costs with a system that leverages mobile technologies to connect with customers directly.

    Cold calling is tough because you only have so many seconds to present your case. You might try just asking a few questions, and based on the answers, present a solution to what they are already experiencing. If they answer yes to the fact that they don't see any ROI on coupons they are running, ask if they would be open to something new that can increase their ROI on the coupons they currently run. You can turn a paper coupon into a digital one easily.

    The reality is that there are some business owners that are old school and will never consider anything new. But those that do, offer them to view a short online video presentation that covers the basics of mobile marketing and how it can drive sales and profits to their business. So the goal is to make your cold calling a multi-step process that educates them and ultimately makes the sale.
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