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Looking for you opinions and ways to overcome objections from business owners regarding a mobile website. I don't want to get into the all of the selling points of a mobile site, let's say I have presented all of them to the client and this is what has followed recently.

The client owns a Chinese restaurant. If we do a google search of Chinese restaurants in our local town the first few lines are from local.yahoo.com with a list of a few restaurants including his. The list has his name, location, and one button for calling which is the reason why 95% of the people are searching.

Since his name comes up with immediate contact info he sees no need for additional an additional mobile site.
You thoughts.
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    1. Please ask the restaurant owner how I can read his menu from the Yahoo listing.

    2. (and more important) Ask the restaurant owner if he is only relying on the search engines to bring traffic to his website. If his answer is yes, well that's a big problem in itself. So he doesn't have printed menus, he doesn't deliver flyers or printed menus in letter boxes? If not, another wasted opportunity.

    On all of his printed material like that should be his web address and people accessing his website that way will NOT be going through a search engine. They will be going straight to his website and will land on a website that is poorly optimized for mobile users.

    Honestly, with the small cost of a mobile website I don't even know how business owners can even question it anymore. The fact is more people will be coming to his website on a mobile device than a desktop PC this year. If that figure along is not enough to convince him then politely thank him for his time and move on. Seriously. If someone takes that much pushing then I wouldn't usually both. You are looking for clients who understand the benefits of the web.
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