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I see people recommending WP plugins and themes for building mobile sites. I'm a little confused. What's the difference (advantages/disadvantages) between a plug-in and a theme as it relates to building mobile sites?

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    HI Paul,

    Here's my 2 cent....
    (1) WP Theme
    A WP Theme is basically the "template" that gives the look and feel of your wp blogs or site with a CMS function.

    Depending on the objective for your site or blogs and what theme you used, some themes comes with more function than other.


    A Tech blog could used a very basic "Magazine" stlye themes as a the main objective is to provide useful information for it's reader.

    But for internet marketers who main objective is to sell some kind of info product, may choose a theme like Profit Themes as it also include other features of creating squeeze page, sales page along withe the theme.

    However, other marketers for whatever reasons may choose a basic theme with out those function but instead, get WP Plugin , an "add on" software to accomplish those things instead.

    (b) WP Plugin

    As mentioned earlier, WP Plugins are like "add on software" to your word press to do accomplish certain task or function that your theme may not be able to do.

    The function can range from what I said earlier like squeeze page, sales page creation or even things like membership function to adding a Social Media button ( Google Plus, twitter...etc)..etc For your case here, I believe is to create a "Mobile Enable" browsing version of your site.

    (3) Theme VS Plugin

    Now, I personally have not worked with a theme of a Mobile Site, but do used a simple plugin for a site before that can have a Mobile Browsing Version if visitors choose to.

    Either way, I believe most sites nowadays will want to have their site Mobile Enable, but instead of thinking which is better, my recommendation will be to think of what you want to accomplish, then look for either the Theme or Plugins that gives you the function to do what you want.

    Example: Are you a Tech Blog owner who simply want a Mobile Browsing version, or perhaps you are a restaurant owner, who want to give your customer the ability for reservation on their mobile with a Simple Process?

    Hope this helps.

    Jason Ser
    I Don't Speak The Queen's English, But I Say What I Mean and Mean What I Say.

    Here is where I work now: www.LohasDigital.com

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    A theme means you can only have that one theme running on Wordpress. A plugin means it can be used in conjunction with a theme.
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