Anyone have experience in hiring sales people to sell mobile services?

by ish
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I just wanted to know if anyone has hired commission only sale people before to sell mobile services such as mobile sites, sms, social media etc?

You know giving them sales scripts to go and try to get appointments with local business owners either via cold calling or cold walking...

How has your experience been? and where did you find these sales people?

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    We are working with sales representatives from all over the world, and always looking for new ones. Try to look around in your social network, maybe some of your acquaintances are interested. Also there's LinkedIn to find some professionals...
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      Note: I know about craigslist but i've never tried using it to hire sales people...anyone have any experience doing that?
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      • Just saw this thread, 1 of my mates is currently setting up Commission Only Sales Jobs so id keep an eye open there as he is ranking well for many keywords and gaining traffic before his proper launch in mid February. Just thought id help you out, hope its of use

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          Thanks for sending me that looks interesting and i have registered with them...

          looking forward to the site going live...and hopefully finding some good sales staff.
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            Setting appointments for mobile/websites are easy, you shouldn't have too much problems with them.

            You should ask yourself whether you can attract experienced sales talent.
            Not only with your pay structure but also with you as a leader.

            I do not know about cold walking, but with cold calling, it can take a while to get comfortable depending on the offer. If he/she asks you a question about an objection or sticking point he has and if you don't know the answer.

            well, he might figure it out himself but it doesn't look good on you. Will he stay if he makes 13-14$ an hour?

            He won't, because he can be working at 23-24 $/hour (with commission and he has a base as well) at a call centre selling business directories, or at least he can in Montreal.

            I would give your salespeople a lot of leeway if you never sold by phone before.

            So in short just make sure you know your numbers and be sure your guys won't go a week or two without pay, and be confident you can close face to face.

            best of luck.
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              I've used and have had a good experience. Just make sure to set goals and then meet those goals with your new hire.
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    The few people I signed up last year from Craigslist posts were completely unreliable. I am thinking about attempting this again though and screening them better and offering more incentives to get them started and making money right away.
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