Anyone Working with Adobe Muse for Mobile Web Site Development?

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Anyone Working with Adobe Muse for Mobile Web Site Development?

I'm a newbie to the Adobe Muse (for mobile) program and am looking for someone who has had more experience than myself who can answer some questions that their tutorials do not cover.

I've been developing web sites for a few years for myself using Adobe Dreamweaver and currently have the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of some 17 odd programs, which is by the way the best deal ever! What a learning curve!

I have been playing with mobile templates using Muse for about a week and have hit some snags with functions. I would say I am about 70% aware of what each function in Muse can do, and have successfully designed one site for a client and 3 templates for myself, but as I am developing a number of templates and trying to install different buttons in their accordion drop down tabs I have a problem in getting them to stick when the drop down occurs.

The tutorial covers this function in a video but this is particular to PC displays and not to the mobile design. When in mobile mode these functions are not easy to find and I am having difficulty solving what I am sure is a simple but hidden problem.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Can anyone help with some advice?
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