Best video to send out to clients to sell mobile websites?

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I want to send out videos to prospective clients for marketing my Mobile Website Design services.
I know custom made videos for each client works best but I have an accent and I need to hire a guy to make videos for me.

Is there any WSO where I can buy a generic video that I can buy and target all niches. I am willing to pay a good price if any one has a good video/ email script that serves this purpose.

Please let me know.

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    hi greatbizideas,

    I also have a idea like you. Sending something to educate biz owner help us sell easily.
    I would like to collaborate create a Representation or Video.
    I'm a animator myself. So i can help to create Video or Representation.

    But i'm currently stuck in idea. You can give me the script for video, and voice over.
    I will turn it to awesome video.

    So, what do you think.

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      WillR has some excellent videos you can get through his WSO. One video for mobile sites, one for sms and one for facebook. What I like about them they are short and to the point and if you email link to the prospect you can add the prospect's name at the end of the link and the video will have their name on it.

      You can see samples here: Forum

      Copy and paste the link above for the Warrior Forum and you'll see the name Warrior Forum at the top of the video..

      P.S. I'm not an affiliate for WillR.
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        WillR has the best video I've seen.
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    I agree - WillR's got some of the best prospecting videos out there that are informative and entertaining and well worth the small investment.
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    thanks for your responses. I do have willR's video for prospecting. What kind of response do you guys get by sending our those videos. PLease let me know
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    Whiteboard animation videos convert best now a days. Not only they engage your customer they try to put an an professional.

    You can get video script written from a expert writer if you cant write yourself and get white board animation done.

    If you need more info regarding whiteboard animation just pm me.
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    I think the best video would be the following:

    You get someone, anybody, you start recording. You ask them to get their mobile device (give yours if they don't have any). You ask them to open their mobile browser and either type in or search on Google your potential client's site. Their site will most probably take ages to load and even when it is fully loaded, if it has Flash it probably will not be displayed, and the website will be difficult as hell to browse. Continue recording the reactions of that person when they land on your client's site and quickly browse away. And add something like this to the end of the video: "This is the reaction of a mobile visitor that lands on your non-mobile-friendly website on a mobile device". Make the video natural.

    This is not tested, just came to my mind...
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    Thanks for good info.

    Fred J.

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    I would be interested to know what kind of luck people have had in the past with the videos mentioned above.
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      Another thumbs up for WillR

      Had to do a 10 minute business start up presentation yesterday. I used WillR's prospecting video to show why businesses need a mobile website.

      Comments Included
      Great opening video presentation says it all, who did it for you?
      I need a website and app
      Easy to understand the concept
      Fantastic Idea
      Great idea & product.
      Great concept, should boom

      The room only contained 11 people. I got orders for 4 mobile sites, 1 mobile app and 3 regular websites.
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    another great Will product...
    U Rock Will
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